CITIZEN TV Fires Top Journalists for Taking Bribes from Sonko



There is a lot of tension in the Royal Media Services and Citizen TV after their  top journalists were shown the door  this week over serious crimes.

The management have been following bribery allegations involving their journalists and top politicians to kill negative stories concerning their activities.

It’s alleged that politicians have journalists in every media house whom they bribe not to report negative stories involving them.

Among those fired include Swaleh Mdoe,Kimeli Arap Kimeli,Mwanahamisi Hamadi,and Shishia Wasilwa.Investigations will be conducted and if they will be found guilt,letters of dismissal will be issued to them.

Its not the first time some of these journalists are caught in controversies:Swaleh Mdoe was at one time sued for child neglect and his case is still pending