Shock as Jakoyo Midiwo and Ferdinand Waititu get SAVED



Politicians,sinners as well as the believers were shocked to see jakoyo Midiwo preaching as “baba yao” led the choir.Both are big mouthed and highly controversial and yesterday’s event at Safari Park Hotel forced Ruto to afford a smile;Ruto,whose tears are always ready to drop rarely smiles but he was lucky the duo were present.During the event Ruto said this:

“When I saw  Jakoyo Midiwo reading scriptures I thought it was a joke until Uhuru hinted that Waititu is leading the choir”

This happened during morning national prayer meeting held at Safari Park Hotel which was attended by the president among other dignitaries.

Jackoyo Midiwo is Raila Odinga’s cousin and he currently sits in the Kenyan parliament.Ferdinand Waititu became the MP for Kabete after the death of David Muchai.