How to buy Land in Kenya



The first step is to identify the land you want to buy then Conduct land search in the land registry; get a copy of seller’s title deed which is a requirement for land search;the process of land search will take about three days.

The land search will help you with details of the land, real owner of the land, land size and information of any loan guaranteed by the land and court cases against the land.

Fill a search application form at the land registry which is located at Ardhi house

Attach a copy of the title deed. A legal land for purchase should be clear on the owner who should be the seller; it should be free from any loan and court cases.

Draft sale Agreement. At this stage you need a lawyer who is a professional in drafting property sales agreements. The sale agreement should specify the transaction procedure, most sale agreement state that the transaction should be finalized by the 90th day. The stamp duty should be paid at this stage and the agreement stamped by the lawyer. The stamping is very important in case land disputes arise the agreement will be valid before the court.

The land is transferred after the successful agreement and transaction, the buyer advocate should prepare a transfer which should be signed by the seller and his advocate, the buyer and the seller should provide their identification cards, PIN certificates, the original title deed, land rates/ rent clearance certificate, the valuation of the land and passport size photos.

The new owner should finally conduct a valuation and register it and pay the required fees.