How To Make Money online in Kenya


How to make money online in Kenya

Making money online is the best thing especially for the youths in Kenya, but many of us are not aware of many innovative ways you can make a living without necessarily working for someone.

There are many Kenyans who are making millions every month through online advertisements and sales. What I know is that these individuals have not told the masses how to start and what to do in order to make money. Here is the secret.


Facebook is a powerful tool for passing information, and one of the main social media platforms for connecting with friends. This platform can enable you make millions of shillings monthly through advertisements and managing social media accounts for corporates.

What you need to do is have a popular Facebook page, with at least 100,000 fans. Then approach popular blogs for advertisements. These blogs will pay you upwards of Ksh10, 000 per month for sharing their stories. Alternatively, you can promote other people’s products like clothes, shoes, smartphones and electronics.

You can also become a social media consultant, where you manage Facebook pages for famous personalities and popular brands. You  are required to regularly promote their content and stories and be paid for it.

Another way of making money is through joining Jumia and Kilimall affiliate programs,where you will promote their products through Twitter and Facebook and wearn commissions.The links for Jumia and Kilimall affiliate programs are as follows:

Kilimall affiliate link

Jumia affiliate link


If you have old watches, mobile phones, electronics and other home appliances, you can sell them on OLX and make money. I won’t dwell much on this because you know more about OLX.


Blogging is increasingly becoming the main source of income for many youths in Kenya. In this career, what is required is a website and social media pages to promote your stories. But this is not enough, you are also required to look for a way of making money through blogging. If you don’t know, this is how you can use your blog to make thousands of hundreds every month.

  1. Use Google AdSense
  2. Use Taboola/Outbrain
  3. Use Revcontent
  4. Use Content.AD/MGID
  5. Etc

With your blog you can also market companies’ products through affiliate marketing (we have discussed this in our previous article)

The leading affiliate programs are:

Kilimall affiliate link

Jumia affiliate link

CV and Cover Letter Writing

If you have advanced Microsoft Word skills, you can start writing professional CV and Cover Letter writing services online. What you are required to do is market your services through Facebook and Twitter, also on various blogs.

Offer professional services

You can promote your professional services online and make money without having a physical office. Services like Data Analysis, advice on health matters, counselling and litigation services can be offered online. What is needed is a Facebook or Twitter pages where you can promote your services. You can also use LinkedIn.

Offer Betting Tips

Betting is driving Kenyans crazy. But as more Kenyans join this sector, you should at least think outside the box and have a platform where you offer betting tips. Your work is to analyze matches and provide results which can help people earn money through betting.

In order to be successful in this, have a Facebook page, Twitter account and a website for this services, then make sure your results are reliable. Make sure people buy your tips through MPESA.


You can also promote products for popular brands on Twitter if at all your account has massive following.

Online store

Online stores like Jumia and Kilimall sell their products without necessarily having a shop to display the products.

Online store is the easiest business to start. It requires a website, marketing strategy and the source of your products.