How to get money through Easy and Quick Fundraising in Kenya.


Due to this Covid-19 Pandemic, our economy has gone down and most jobs closed. Getting money of late has become a big problem. Most families cannot afford even a meal. But  Zang Kenya  has a solution!!

Zang online fundraising Platform is a unique way of getting a financial help through Mpesa in Kenya. The platform can help you raise money easily and quickly for emergencies like bills, shopping, fees and many more. It has been proved to be a genuine solution to many people. The best thing is that the they do everything for you and give you your money through your Mpesa

How it works.

Unlike the other fundraising platforms,  Zang Kenya  are experts. You just apply and give them the details of your purpose of your fundraising and target amount. From there they start a fundraising for you. Depending on the amount you are applying for, your cash is disbursed to you within 1-7 days. They try their best to help many people during this Corona period. The have the best team of experts who can run your fundraising and raise funds for you successfully.

Getting started

To get started and benefit with    Zang Platform,

Kindly follow this simple steps:

  1. Register an account here
  2. Login and make an application.
  3. Track your application status.
  4. Get your money disbursed to your Mpesa.

For more information on how Zang Kenya can help you, just visit their website