This is What Pauline Njoroge Wrote about Ruto that has Angered Kalenjins


Pauline Njoroge has completely angered Kalenjins after writing these shocking things about Ruto:


✅He was part of the YK92, an infamous group that harassed and persecuted many Mt. Kenya leaders. The group was responsible for raiding Kenneth Matiba’s home along Limuru Road in early months of 1992 where they beat up his family members, banging his wife’s head against the wall.

YK92 pressurized President Moi to irregularly print a new denomination note of ksh.500 to be used for KANU campaigns. The printing of the legal tender was not supported by any Economic foundation. The result was hyper inflation which threw millions of Kenyans to poverty.

✅He was charged at the ICC for allegedly planning and perpetrating the killing and displacement of Agìkùyù from the Rift Valley

✅After forming a coalition with TNA towards the end of 2012, he insisted that pastrolist community regions be zoned out for URP, TNA not to field candidates there. This was a plan to create a wider base for himself, and contain Uhuru’s party to Mt. Kenya.

✅After forming Government in 2013, as Uhuru selected CSs from other regions as well as Mt. Kenya, all of Ruto’s choices were from one community.

✅From 2013, he would attend meetings to discuss appointments of people to various boards, parastatals etc. In the meetings, it would be agreed that the matter be kept under wraps until the appointments are officially announced or gazetted. But immediately after, Ruto would make a call to the people set to be appointed and say how he had lobbied for them (even those whose names had been given by Uhuru’s side). He did that to win their loyalty and have them align to his side instead of Uhuru’s. That way, they would be at his whims and do whatever he ask of them once they assumed office.

✅In 2020, he fought the 3rd revenue sharing formula that was going to secure Mt. Kenya it’s fair share of resource allocation.

✅He has fiercely been fighting BBI, a constitutional amendment bill that had great benefits for the people of Mt. Kenya in regards to resources and representation

✅Ahead of 2022 elections, he has refused to negotiate with Mt. Kenya. He has branded parties from the region as tribal and wants Agìkùyù to support him without a deal. That way he can own the region’s leaders and finally muzzle them at an appropriate time.

Back in 2013, one of his irreducible minimum to support Uhuru Kenyatta was to get 50% of government. But when Mt. Kenya leadership demands of structured dialogue towards power sharing, hes now branding them tribalists and self seekers who are only interested in positions.