Top 10 richest tribes in Kenya 2022


There are a total of 45 tribes in Kenya with the most populous tribe being Kikuyu. The richest tribes are those close to the government or in fertile lands. Kikuyu is the richest tribe, followed by Kalenjin, Luhya and Kikuyu respectively. Luo is among the poorest tribes in Kenya.

The list of richest and poorest tribes in Kenya does not change much, it takes decades, even centuries for one tribe to move from the poor to rich category.

Here is a list of the richest and poorest tribes in Kenya 2022:

Top ten RICHEST tribes in Kenya

1 . Kikuyu

2. Kalenjin

3. Luhya

4. Kisii

5 .Meru

6. Embu

7. Kuria

8. Maasai


10. Kamba

Top ten POOREST Tribes in Kenya.

1 . Luo

2. Ribe

3. Samburu.

4. Turkana

5. Rendille

6. Okiek.

7. Oromo

8. Digo

9 .Chonyi

10. Kauma.

Kikuyu are rich because they have been close to government for decades, they are also hardworking, innovative and business minded. Most of their wealth is not from the government but sheer hard work.Kisiis have not been close to the government but they are as industrious as the Kikuyu. The fact that Kisii is a fertile region puts them in a better position to do farming and supply the rest of the country with food.

Meru are also rich because of miraa which is their main cash crop.They supply the entire country with miraa,they even export some to Somalia and UK.

The Luhya tribe is also rich because they hold key government positions.

Another rich tribe is the Massai.They majorly depend on livestock farming. Due to their culture of conservation, their land attract millions of tourists annually.

Kalenjin tribe has thousands of millionaires, some of them became rich during Moi era.Kalenjins are farmers, they also earn through business. There are also hundreds of thousands of Kalenjins in government institutions.

Luos are classified among the poorest communities in Kenya because they have wasted most of their time fighting governments.

Even those that are employed don’t have good saving habit.They earn decent pay but end up wasting it on starehe—they don’t invest.