List of places to do DNA Test and prices in Kenya 2022


This years 2022 the cost of DNA test is abit higher compared to the cost a couple of years back.DNA test is important for people who want to know whether the children they are taking care are their biological children or not. It also helps to know whether there is a relationship between two or more individuals. The price od DNA test vary from one hospital to the other.

Here is a list of hospital offering DNA test and the cost of the test:


The 24-marker DNA test costs 10,000 Kshs. per person (total:20,000 kshs for alleged father+1 child). The 44-marker DNA test costs 17,500 Kshs. per person (total:35,000 kshs for 1 alleged father+1 child). The DNA test determines if a man is the biological father of an individual.


They charge from Ksh 24,000 per test


Ksh20,000 to Ksh50,000

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P.O. Box 54840 00200 KEMRI HID Lab, Raila Odinga Way, Nairobi, Kenya

US Embassy in Kenya

Each applicant being tested is required to pay a specimen collection fee of USD $45.00 per person or the equivalent of USD $40.00 in Kenyan shillings (no Bank fees are charged if payment is made in KSH) at IOM United Nations Crescent off UN Avenue, Gigiri, Nairobi.

Kenyatta National Hospital

They charge Ksh 20,000 to Ksh35,000 per test.

• British embassy – Nairobi

They provide DNA testing when one is emigrating from Kenya. The turnaround time may take 3-5 working days and for complex cases it might take 5-10 working days. They use up to 68 DNA markers to carry out the tests.

• Lancet laboratories
Main Laboratory in Upper Hill Nairobi. Paternity testing Centers. They charge Ksh20,000 to Ksh40,000 per person.

The company has it office in Westlands, Nairobi. The DNA is carried out on 16 genetic markers. The cost of the paternity testing starts from KES 39, 9930. The turnaround time is just 5-7 working days though they express testing can be offered at will and it only takes two days. Contacts [email protected] and the phone number +254704967808.

. Pathcare Kenya
Regal Plaza Limuru Road 12560-00606 Nairobi, Kenya
+254-20-3753416/7/8/9 / 020-2430854/020-2430753


They have centers in Nairobi where they conduct DNA test.Their charges range between Ksh 23,000 and Ksh35,000.