Shared Web Hosting Plan To Host More Than 10 Websites in a Single Package



If you want to host more than 10 websites in a shared hosting plan, Bluehost has a wonderful arrangement for you.

I will explain what this means in a scenario that happened to me in 2015.One day, I decided I had to move my websites from a Kenyan hosting company. I had a total of 5 websites I intended to move to Bluehost but I wasn’t sure the company would allow me to have both in a single shared hosting plan. After I had a chat with one of their representatives, I was convinced beyond doubts that all my websites would be in a single plan. I asked about the process and they explained what I was required to do. The first thing they asked was name servers, which I provided. They also asked me to look for someone to migrate the sites together with the contents (by the way it’s not easy to migrate the site with the entire content).Luckily, I got someone trustworthy, who helped to migrate the five sites for Ksh 15,000—you can contact us if you need the service of the individual([email protected])

After I had given Bluehost the required details, they told me to pay through my credit card.Payment process took 5 minutes upon which I was allowed to transfer my sites to their company.

The plan I selected was Go Pro shared hosting plan, which cost me $13.95 per month, but I wasn’t allowed to pay monthly .Bluehost,unlike Kinsta,does not allow you to pay monthly—you only pay once a year.

After the payment was completed, the process of migration started. Since one of my sites had a total of 3gb of data to transfer to Bluehost,it took the expert 3 hours to transfer the five sites to Bluehost.That is basically what it took me to transfer my five sites to Bluehost’s Go Pro Shared plan.

The most amazing thing I found about this plan is that I was allowed to have several sites in the single plan. Currently, I have a total of 18 sites in the same plan. I am even planning to add more sites since it costs me anything.

If you have several sites you want to host in a single plan, you better select Go Pro plan in bluehost.You can see current pricing here (Go Pro Plan link)