SAD!Linus Kaikai Fires Richard Chacha over SICKNESS



The Bible says,’love your neighbor as you love yourself’,but for Linus Kaikai this verse was only relevant when he was a kid.this week he did the unexpected,for a man of his caliber he couldn’t have terminated Richard Chacha’s contract.Richard is no nonger NTV employee,thanks to Kaikai.

In 2014 Richard Chacha,while in the line of duty,had a grisly road accident and it led to him being almost paralyzed due to what was feared to be spinal injury.He survived the ordeal and though not 100% fit managed to crawl back to work this year,it’s a pity that NTV via Linus Kaikai has found it fit to terminate his services claiming that he is crippled and it undermines his job performance.

It’s not clear how Chacha will cope with life bearing in mind the harsh conditions in Nairobi.The journalist has to look for other means of surviving if at all he intends to survive after dismissal.



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