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A Man jumps over State House wall to ask President Uhuru Kenyatta for school fees



A 16 year old boy jumped over state house fence to seek audience from Uhuru Kenyatta.The boy who hails from a humble background decided to use such clever means to get near the president so that he could get help.

When he was being interrogated in court he said:

“Yes I jumped into State House because I knew I will find the President there. I wanted him to help me with money to record my songs so that I can be able to raise my fees and go back to school. I just wanted to ask for his help, I still do,”

The boy who was identified as Maina had been presented before Resident Magistrate Edda Agade on Monday, alongside two other men arrested on the same day with him by the Anti -Terror Police Unit (ATPU), on suspicion that they were all members of the terror group Al Shabaab.

According to the charges, the boy had on June 19 been found entering into a protected zone in Nairobi’s Kilimani area without permission in contravention with Sections 3 and 9 of the Protected Areas Act. But the Prosecution told court on Tuesday that interrogations had revealed that the suspect has no terror related links. Magistrate Agade had directed a day earlier that he be detained alongside the other two suspects for eight days to allow ATPU to complete investigations.

The case was postponed and will be mentioned on July 1

Sate House is a no go zone for ordinary citizen unless they are officially invited for events at the house on the hill.


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