This is The Pain Chris Kirubi Went Through Before He Made His Ksh 40 Billion Wealth


Billionaire Chris Kirubi has, for the first time, explained how his childhood was full of struggle with little exposure to nice things in life.

Kirubi, who is the fourth richest man in Kenya with an estimated net worth of $300 million, says that he grew in abject poverty with a handful of friends.

“The sole definition of poverty was me and honestly I didn’t feel as though I was anything more than that. I was educated by well-wishers whom I never got to meet and thank. I would attend school without shoes; I mean, shoes were a luxury I simply could not afford”, says the billionaire.

He explains that during holidays he could go to his friends’ homes and spend time there to avoid being around his homestead which was a laughing stock. His friends could give him a pair of shoes but since he was used to walking bare footed, he always refused to wear them.

The business mogul then started working during holidays in order to support his family and pay his school fees.
While working for people in the village, he realized that making money needed consistence, discipline and determination; that’s where he learnt the spirit of entrepreneurship.

He explains that, though he failed several times while trying to achieve his dream, his dream of becoming an inspiration to many was not cut off.

“Make sure you define your success; define your reason and be the reason. Remember, mistakes are proof that you are trying. Keep trying and be the reason you or someone smiles each day. Don’t let the label limit your potential”, advices Kirubi

The billionaire owns International House in Nairobi, Capital FM, Haco Tiger Brands, and Shares in Centum among other assets.


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