Former Luo MP Receives Dog Beating After Failing to Pay Hotel Bill


kisumu town

A former Luo MP was beaten senselessly in a popular restaurant in Westlands after failing to clear the bill.

The former MP, who was defeated during 2013 general elections, ordered a meal worth Ksh 4,500.After clearing the plate, a bill was brought on his table. He started searching in his pockets for money but he couldn’t get any. After explaining to the cashier that ‘maybe the money had been stolen in town’, he was taken to an ATM machine in Westlands to withdraw and clear the balance. To the surprise of the security officer who escorted him to the ATM machine, the MP had Sh 800 remaining.

He withdrew the money and told the watchman to take the Sh 800 and inform the hotel management that the MP had disappeared. The watchman instead refused and told him to clear the balance. The MP started making calls here and there but he couldn’t get help. When the security officer insisted he wanted money, the former MP started abusing the watchman and reminding him who he is .The argument degenerated into a fight, which got the attention of a crowd.