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Why National Oil Corporation of Kenya CEO Sumayya Hassan Athmani Was Replaced By MaryJane Mwangi



Sumayya Hassan-Athmani has been the Chief Executive Officer of Kenya’s only oil corporation, National Oil Corporation of Kenya, for over 7 years, turning around the fortunes for the giant Corporation. But her position was donated to none other than MaryJane Mwangi,who worked at the corporation as the general manager in charge of downstream operations

Sumayya was sent home last week on a forced leave and immediately replaced by Mwangi, which raised many unanswered questions.

In 2015, Nock won a lucrative deal to supply fuel lubricants and bitumen to government ministries and agencies, which was estimated at billions. The money from the tenders will be under the control of the new CEO and the board, comprising of eight Kikuyus, three Kalenjins and one Turkana.

Since Sumayya comes from politically-inconsequential Swahili tribe of Lamu, her presence at the NOCK was seen as a tumbling block for the ‘who is who’ in the Jubilee administration-she had to go.

NOCK works closely with the Kenya Pipeline Corporation, both under the new Cabinet Secretary, Charles Keter.It is only this month when Keter sacked former Kenya Pipeline Corporation Flora Okoth and replaced her by his nephew Joe Sang.

The pattern clearly demonstrates how your tribe can put you in trouble in a country which is struggling to unite after the 2007-2008 post-election violence.

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