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I Cheat On My Disabled Husband Every Week,I Have now Infected Him With HIV.What Should I do

My name is Joyce Njoki and am 27 years old while my husband is 46 years old.
I got married five years immediately after completing college.My husband used to fellowship with me and I thought he could make a good husband-I accepted his marriage proposal.
Barely two years into our marriage,he started developing serious pains in her private parts and after visiting a doctor,he was found with kidney problem which later resulted to diabetes.
From there,the man who used to be jovial changes and become so pensive and timid-he was shocked by the news.
One year later,one of his legs was cut and he became crippled.My problems started there when I realized he could not perform his conjugal rights.He was also not able to walk as he used to.
Left with freedom and lack of someone to entertain me,I started befriending men in our estate,including boys.every man who was interested in me could easily win my love.
I have done the evil for more than 1 year and now I am regretting.It was last month when my sister wanted someone to donate blood to her.Since we share same blood group,i offered my help,but I was shocked to realize I could not help her because my blood was contaminated.
Later I consulted a Doctor who told me on my face that I am HIV positive.
I now feel wasted,ready to die and equally sympathizing with my husband who is HIV positive and diabetic,due to my carelessness.
please advise me because I can die any time from now.