Largest Baptism Takes Place in Rwanda. See How Many People Were Baptized in a Single Day (Photos)



It seems people are tired of sinning and are ready to do anything to go to heaven. Well, over 97,000 people were baptized in Rwanda on Saturday, making it the highest number of people to be baptized in a single day in the history of evangelism.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church, which is the dominant religion in Rwanda took place this weekend. A total of 97,344 were baptized after two weeks of Evangelistic Meetings in May. This record number of baptisms occurred after church members were asked to each lead one person to Christ. Reports stated that prior to this baptism, 720,000 people had been baptized as SDA in Rwanda. This brings the number of SDA baptisms in their country to almost 820,000 in total to date.

SDA church has a total of 20 million members worldwide with the majority living in Africa and Europe. The church, which was founded by Helen G White, is growing in length and breadth because of its strict teachings. Rwanda is one of the many countries which have the highest number of Seventh Day Adventists.

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