A story from a desperate jobless graduate in Kenya



My name is Karanja and I want to share my struggles with unemployment. I am desperate, bitter and regret the time I wasted in school studying bachelor of commerce and thinking I would be successful.

I joined Mount Kenya University in 2007 after scoring a B- in KCSE.I enrolled for bachelor of commerce which I thought was marketable at the time. I was so excited because since my childhood, I had dreamt of becoming a Chief finance Officer in a multinational company.

In 2010 I graduated with a bachelor of commerce and I had already pursued a certification in CPA up to section 2.I was so sure I would secure employment immediately after graduation.

The first shock came when I applied for internship in more than 200 companies and none replied. I thought my CV was wrong, so I decided to do professional CV writing with Corporate Staffing.

I again applied to at least 50 companies and none considered my application.

One year down the line, I was jobless and desperate. But luckily I got a contract with an insurance company to sell insurance policies. At first I was excited when the sales manager explained to me about the crazy commissions I would earn from the sales.

After signing the contract,I was told to move around looking for customers. I can confess the experience I got was not good. For 2 good months, I sold nothing and, therefore, earned nothing. I quit.

Invaded by bills, empty pockets and no friends, life pushed me to Huruma.At Huruma,I would eat sukuma from Monday to Sunday since my parents were tired of me.Since I was so broke, even applying for employment was hard.

In 2014,I was still jobless even though some companies had invited me for interviews. I struggle to survive in Nairobi until I was kicked out of my rental house after exhausting even my deposit.

I decided to move to my college friend who was living in Embakasi.At my friend’s house I didn’t manage to stay for long since it was a bedsitter and he had a girlfriend. He told me to get a life.

At this point,I decided to relocate to my home in Muranga.

Here at Murannga,I have tried to send applications to various companies, attended few interviews but no employer is sympathizing with me. I have completed even CPA up to section 6 but I don’t see any hope.

Though I have not managed to secure employment, I still believe I will be lucky in future. But I feel wasted.I have reached a point where I conclude that education in Kenya is useless.