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Best Diploma Courses to Study with a C, C- or C+ grade in Kenya



Sometimes it’s hard to identify the best courses to do in Kenya with a C, C- or C+,but there are several diploma courses that can guarantee you a job immediately after college.

Over 400 diploma courses are offered in Kenyan universities, but not all of them are marketable. As a Kenyan who intend to succeed in your career, you need career guidance.

Following a recent survey about the marketability of various diploma courses in Kenya, here are the best courses for you

  1. Diploma in Banking and Finance
  2. Diploma in Cooperative management
  3. Diploma in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences
  4. Diploma in electrical and electronics engineering
  5. Diploma in software Engineering
  6. Diploma in Clinical Medicine
  7. Diploma in GIS and Remote Sensing
  8. Diploma in Criminology and Security Management
  9. Diploma in Dental Technology
  10. Diploma in Quantity Survey
  11. Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Development
  12. Diploma in Film Production
  13. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  14. Diploma in Micro Finance
  15. Diploma in Sales and Marketing
  16. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology
  17. Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation
  18. Diploma in Project planning and Management
  19. Diploma in Special Needs Education
  20. Diploma in Procurement and Supplies Management
  21. Diploma In Estate Agency and Property Management
  22. Higher Diploma In Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound
  23. Diploma In Audiology And Public Health Otology

Diploma In Adult Education And Community Development

All the diploma courses listed above are marketable in Kenya, but if you’ll do a diploma course in business related courses it’s wise to combine with a professional course, same to those who will pursue purchasing and supplies.


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