Why Kenya has the best runners/athletes, Kalenjins



Kenya has the best long distance runners, and many people around the world always question why Kalenjins are the best athletes in the world!There are so many theories tht explain why they are the best. Here is the best explanation.

The Kalenjins are always strict on diet

Unlike other tribes who eat a lot of fats, sugar, Kalenjins always eat vegetables, milk and carbohydrates.

The Kalenjins are farmers,meaning that they can cheaply source for such foods.As you know,milk and vegetables clean the body system,making it easier for one to persevere even in extreme conditions.


Mursik is delicious meal for Kalenjin.This is a mixture of milk, charcoal made from traditional trees and herbs. Scientists say this could be the main reason why Kalenjins are good athletes.

Traditional herbs clean the body system, and ensure body organs like the liver,kidney,heart and blood circulation are in perfect condition.

Every Kalenjin,including Deputy President William Ruto drink Mursik,which is why these people are always out of danger of chronic diseases like cancer,diabetes and high blood pressure

Physically fit

Kalenjins are always born physically fit.It’s estimated that 80 % of Kalenjins are slim.As you know,it’s hard for a fat person to run even 20 metres.

There is a person, even if you feed him with a whole goat,he can’t be fat..and that is a Kalenjin.

That’s their hobby

Kalenjins like running, even when they are in a wedding.If something is your hobby, why not excel?