How to choose the best career in Kenya: Secrets



Sometimes you want to study a degree course based on your talents and perception of a certain career, but the government or a parent forces you to pursue a certain course. Once you reach campus, you realize that the course you have just been selected to pursue isn’t marketable. That’s the moment you decide to select a course you are comfortable with.

One thing I can advise you is that you should not be forced by someone to select a degree course that you are not comfortable with. There are so many people who pursued careers due to influence from relatives and ended up regretting. It is always advisable to consider carefully what career to choose before you embark on building your profile.

The best career is one that has opportunities for self employment or one that is unique. Some of these careers include:

Software engineering




Veterinary medicine

Human Resource Management

Civil Engineering

Quantity Survey

GIS and Remote Sensing



Electrical and electronics engineering

Counseling and psychology

Quantity Survey

Graphic design

Criminology and forensic science

If you examine carefully the courses we have listed above, you will notice that you don’t require anybody to employ you so that you can build your career: you can employ yourself even if there are no jobs at all. This is what you should consider when choosing a career.

You will also realize that there are some courses, if you aren’t lucky to secure employment; chances are that you might be jobless forever. Some of the courses  are dependent on employment, they  include:

Bachelor of commerce

Bachelor of education

Bachelor of fisheries

Bachelor of sports science

Bachelor of microbiology

Bachelor of Arts general

Bachelor of economics

Bachelor of Science general

Bachelor of crop science

Bachelor of financial engineering

Bachelor of journalism and mass communication

Pursuing some of these courses is a big gamble, and you require a big heart for you to persevere what awaits you after graduation.

What makes most people land these careers is that sometimes the government selects the courses for them, thus sealing their fate.

Now I will tell you one secret of changing from the less marketable course to trending courses. The journey starts from high school. I have realized that most students want to join UoN,JKUAT,KU and other universities around Nairobi. Your thought is the same as someone’s thought and you will end up scrambling for few opportunities in those universities, and chances of missing out on your favourite course are high.

The best thing to do when you are selecting a course is to avoid as much as possible selecting courses at the University of Nairobi or other universities near Nairobi. If for instance you are sure of scoring an A and you desperately want to pursue medicine, it’s better to select Moi University or Maseno University. Am sure you will get the opportunity.

If you want to pursue Actuarial science, please avoid Nairobi and instead pick Moi,Kisii,Maseno or Karatina.You will meet less competition.

Imagine you score an A of 81 points and select a degree in Medicine at the University of Nairobi,then you find more than 200 other students who scored A also selected the course.If there are 40 vacancies available, you will automatically miss out the opportunity and instead you will be thrown to a less popular course, possibly bachelor of horticulture.

Some of these universities do allow students to change careers but sometimes it’s hard for government sponsored students to transfer the courses to their preferred programs once admitted to universities, but I know universities like Maseno,Kisii,Kabianga,Moi,KU and MMUST can allow you to change to your preferred course once you resume classes.

It is always simple for self sponsored students to change a career even after getting admission to the university.