Best Bank to work for in Kenya between Equity Bank, Co-operative and KCB bank



Equity bank,Co-operative bank and KCB bank are among the biggest banks in Kenya. But have do you know which one has the best salary and good working conditions? Based on employees review, here is the best bank to work for in Kenya among the three banks.


Most people join the banking sector as cashiers/bank tellers. During this time, graduates are excited about the new job without knowing what awaits them, but the truth is-this work is not a walk in the park. As a cashier/teller, you have to be in the office latest 7:30 am and leave office earliest 6 pm, implying that you must be the first one to arrive and the last one to leave office. If this is the life you will be subjected to then you don’t have your own life.

But if you compare the three banks, KCB is the best bank to work for as a cashier. This is because, there is little pressure, little harassment and good pay. The bonus is also higher than what Equity pays annually.

If you compare the starting salary of  fresh graduate clerks/tellers between Co-operative, equity and KCB,you will  find out that Equity pays a starting salary of Ksh 40,000,KCB pays Ksh55,000-Ksh60,000 while Co-operative pays Ksh68,000.Here Co-operative bank wins.

But when you compare the three in terms of pressure and working hours, KCB wins, followed by Co-operative and the worst is Equity.

Direct Sales Representatives

The three banks employ direct sales representatives annually. The starting salary of KCB direct sales representatives is Ksh 20,000-Ksh25, 000 per month, but the salary is nowadays reviewed downwards after some time, which is not good. Co-operative bank pays a starting salary of Ksh 25,000 while equity bank pays Ksh20, 000.If you are motivated by salary and terms of employment, Co-operative bank is the best in this category.

The good thing about Co-operative bank is that they do appraisal after, say, three months, and if you are a performer, you’ll definitely get a chance to work as a graduate trainee/clerk.

KCB can be frustrating sometimes, same to Equity bank.

Senior Managers

When it comes to senior management, Equity Bank pays better than the two banks (KCB and Co-operative).If you possess more than 10 years experience, then join Equity bank as a senior manager. But you should know that Dr James Mwangi has the final say.

Equity is followed by KCB bank, which is considered the most stable in terms of retaining employees.

Job security

If you are looking at job security, KCB is the best. Here you are sure your job will not go like that.

Salary increment

In terms of salary increment Co-operative bank wins. At Co-operative bank, if you join as a graduate clerk/cashier, your salary will be at least Ksh100, 000 once you stay at the bank for at least 3 years. But you should be aware that one time they will sack you because of being too expensive for them-it has happened before.