List of best perfumes to buy in Kenya



A perfume can change the way you smell and give you a spicy kind of scent, but not all perfumes are appealing to the people we interact with.

As you do your daily routines, it’s always advisable to use a perfume with ‘friendly’ smell. You know, some people are allergic to some scents, which is why some perfumes are recommended for users.

In Kenya, the following is a list of best perfumes:

  1. Amouage
  2. Antonnio Banderas
  3. Armani
  4. Azzaro
  6. Calvin Klein
  7. Carolina Herrera
  8. Cartier
  9. Chanel
  10. Christian Dior
  11. Clinique
  12. Dolce & Gabbana
  13. Giorgio Armani
  14. Issey Miyake
  15. Jeanne Arthes
  16. Paco Rabbane
  17. Polo
  18. Ralph Lauren
  19. Tom Ford
  20. Versace
  21. Yves Saint Laurent

The list provided, according to customers reviews, comprise of the best perfumes in Kenya.

If you have any other name, you can add it into the list.