Political Slavery in Central Kenya. See The Opinion of Ephrahim Njenga



It seems Central Kenya vote, not besed on policies but what their godfathers say. One of the sons, Ephrahim Njenga, explains the political slavery in Central Kenya.

As someone who comes from Central Kenya I cannot believe how our people have regressed over the last few years. Never in the history of our existence have we ever sunk this low. It bothers me a great deal that most have been dumbed down into robotic supporters of the current regime at the pretext of defending their presidency. When someone thinks that ensuring their tribesman remains president is more important than the future of his own children can it get worse than that?

FM stations are perpetuating the notion that we have a solemn birthright to ensure the sun never sets on the Kenyatta dynasty. What brand of stupidity is this? These FM stations have ensured that our people cannot connect the dots between their daily sufferings and the government that they elected.

From professors to pastors and everyone in between it is all about making silly excuses for the failed regime. The worst victims of this regime are its most committed supporters. Can there be anything more painful than that? Our people can no longer think with clarity or courage because they feel a tribal obligation to defend the government no matter what.

Arguments that we are better off in any way because our tribe is in power are an overwhelming fallacy. People are crying everywhere of economic hardships yet speaking out against the government presiding over the mess is treated like high voltage blasphemy. We must style up and join hands with other Kenyans in seeking and creating a better Kenya.

The selfish thinking that as a community we can be a drop of success surrounded by chaos is simplistic and sickening; disgusting even. Kenya can only rise when all communities are rising; when all households are rising. For as long as even a single community or single household is not doing well Kenya will be sinking not rising. It is either we rise collectively or sink collectively.