Most romantic men in Kenya,they come from this tribe



It is very, very hard to find a romantic man in Kenya,but we have established tribes with the most romantic men.

You know, women like to be associated with men who pamper them with love, chocolates, flowers, gifts, sugar, honey…name them, but such men are scarce. But in a society like ours, we must have outliers, as discussed below.


Men from the Somali origin are the most romantic men in Kenya. Though these men-according to Islam religion- are polygamous, they often treat their men like queens. This is why you rarely hear their women complain of neglect.

To make it more exciting, Somali men are very handsome.


Luo come second after the Somali.A Luo man can use all his assets,salary,income and even attire to please a woman.They don’t like “aibu ndogo ngogo”.

These men have perfected the art of portraying respect as they advance their romantic interests.

Women often fall for Luo men because they know what to expect.

But when a Luo man becomes broke, you won’t believe how he behaves…


I know you haven’t interacted with Mijikenda tribe. These men know how to treat women,but unfortunately they are few.


When I say Kipsigis,I don’t mean Kalenjin-because Nandi are rude and ruthless.

Kipsigis tribe has polite men who know how to treat women.

Some Luhya

A section of Luhya tribes is regarded as romatic.It’s not hard to find a romantic Luhya man,but it depends on your luck

Other tribes are not romantic!