Does Airtel Kenya Pay More Than Safaricom? Here are the salary scales



Airtel Kenya is Safaricom’s main competitor and one of the best paying companies in Kenya. Many people often wonder which between the two companies has the best salary. Here are facts.

It is not obvious the most profitable company pays the most. Sometimes companies pay workers little so that they can remain with enough money to report as profits. Such companies are more exist in Kenya.So when you are searching for employment, you will be shocked that small companies have better and attractive renumeration as compared to more established firms.

In the case of Safaricom and Airtel,the starting salaries of Airtel employees with undergraduate degrees range between Ksh 80,000-Ksh 150,000.If you are employed on contract basis ,chances are that you will earn Ksh 80,000 and if you are on permanent employee, your starting salary will be Ksh150,000.

Assistant Managers at Airtel earn Ksh 200,000 to Ksh250,000 while Managers take home Ksh 350,000-Ksh500,000

At Safaricom the salary for fresh graduates with degrees earn slightly less than what Airtel offers. The average salary of these individuals is Ksh 75,000.

Despite paying less than what Airtel pays junior staff, Safaricom pays managers more than what Airtel pays. At Safaricom, Managers earn not less than Ksh500, 000 while assistant managers take home upwards of Ksh 250,000.

Customer service executives at Safaricom earns Ksh 35,000 but Airtel outsources this service.

If you want to earn attractive salary even without professional experience Airtel is the best company to join but if you intend to apply for employment at Senior Management level, then Safaricom is the best company for you.