South African Woman turns into a leopard after trying to bleach her skin



Shocking news from South Africa indicates that one woman, Owethu Mlilo, has turned into a leopard after trying to bleach her skin.

The Witbank was convinced by a friend to try the cosmetics, which were new arrivals from China. After two weeks, the results were shocking.

While revealing what transpired, Mlilo, explained in tears:

“A friend recommended the products to me.At that time, she was using them and her skin was smooth and flawless. I thought it was a good idea to use the products, but after applying them on my skin, black spots, resembling those of a Leopard started emerging-the more I applied the more they came. Within two weeks, my whole body was looking like a leopard.

My friend who suggested the products started avoiding me-I think she feared the repercussions-and after realizing it was only the doctor who could save me from the embarrassment, I decided to seek their services, little did I know that I had developed permanent black spots on my body.

The doctor said it was impossible to change my body to the normal me,he instead told me-rudely-that skin bleaching had side effects, and since I had accepted to change my skin, I should live with the reality”

Below is how the lady looks like after bleaching the skin.