This is Why You Should Not Marry a Beautiful Girl



Every man would wish to marry a beautiful girl but following testimonies from those who have fallen into the trap, doing so is like committing suicide.

There are several reasons why you have to avoid beautiful girls just like you would avoid a snake with deadly venom. Here are the reasons.

They are extremely unfaithful

You can liken a beautiful girl to maize planted on the road side, where everyone passes by. If the maize is good enough, people will have their share whether legally or illegally.

A beautiful woman happens to be approached by thousands of men, especially those in position of leadership and power. If your wife is beautiful and interacts with powerful men in society, be sure they will have a piece of her.

She will always dictate the standards

A beautiful woman is isolated case, where she dictates the standards the husband must maintain. If the husband is not able to maintain those standards, she will move to the next man she believes is better.

She is expensive to maintain

A beautiful woman wants a smooth face, free of wrinkles, expensive, clothes and shoes, flawless skin, perfect body and nice food-all these come with a cost. If you are not financially stable, please avoid beautiful women.

You will always feel insecure, even when she smiles to nobody

Men are jealous, and once they have ensured they own you, they make sure you don’t make yourself available to other men. But you should know in the modern world women interact with anyone. In this case, your woman must be tempted to share a thing with a more handsome man than you.

Majority of beautiful women are not beautiful inside

Beauty is your heart, not physical appearance. Marriage is hard and requires two people who have proved beyond doubts that they’re friends. If you pick physical appearance to other factors, you will regret the day you softens your voice to win her.