Photos of a Bus That Travels on Road and moves on Water



We are used to buses that travels on road but sink once exposed to water, but this special bus does not sink while moving on water, it floats like a ship.

China is one of the few countries in the world that have introduced floating buses, which can move both on water and on the road. The buses are useful especially when there are floods. They are mostly used by individuals who are not in a hurry to shift from buses to boats when in transit.

In China, the main purpose of having these buses is to help out in marinas, harbors and cottage areas, where they provide access to boats and waterfront facilities that are not able to access land.

The amphibious bus is also used to ferry tourists to various destinations, and ensure they have a feeling of traveling in those rare buses.

The Chinese government argue that the buses are much better compared to normal buses, which can’t move beyond land.It’s,therefore,planning to introduce more buses to cater for growing number of passengers and tourists.

But everything has its own shortcomings. This bus cannot withstand heavy storms and waves: in 2004, one of the buses suck during a storm and killed 5 passengers while others were rescued.