This is Why You Should Always Buy a Genuine Phone: Why You Should Avoid Second Hand Phones



It is always tempting to buy expensive phone cheaply especially iPhone,HTC or Sony, which are known to be expensive. But you should be warned that even a jail term of several years is possible.

There are several cases where people are convinced to purchase a phone costing, say Ksh 50,000 at Ksh 10,000.And because and individual desperately wants to look classic, he ends up buying the phone.Later,they get shocking news from the CID and the police that they are handling stolen property.

We have received a shocking story from an individual who purchased a Techno mobile phone and was later arrested for handling stolen property.

“It happened that I needed a phone to replace my old Infinix mobile phone.I only had Ksh 15,000 in my pocket. So one day I went to Nairobi to purchase one.I first started from Kenyatta Avenue but all the phones were expensive. I decided to go to Moi Avenue. At the street, I found one shop selling second hand and brand new phones. My eyes settled on Techno Phantom 3, which had just arrived in Kenya. When I asked for the price, I was told it cost Ksh12, 000.At that time,a new phone of this kind cost Ksh 35,000.I asked again, “how much did you say it costs”, he again said Ksh 12,000.I hurriedly gave him the money and went away even without asking for a receipt and warrant.

Two months after using the phone,I received a phone call from the police that I own a stolen mobile phone and that it was stolen during house breaking. They told me to report at the nearest police station.The following day,I went and reported the matter and directed the police to where I had bought the phone”

The case above is one of many cases which are reported each day, which involve innocent people buying stolen mobile phones and later become victims.

Police and Criminal Investigation Department Officers strongly warn individuals against buying second hand mobile phones, They argue that most of these phones are stolen from innocent Kenyans, and in some cases, the victims are killed and mobile phones stolen. If you happen to buy a phone from a stranger and it later turns that the phone was stolen, you will face the full force of law.

It is better to buy expensive phone which you know nobody will come for it than spend less on a stolen phone/laptop which later turn out to be a stolen property.

When buying a genuine mobile phone, there are three things you must inquire from the seller: the contacts of the seller, the Sales Warrant and a receipt. These three things will help you a lot when you will later claim it in case it’s stolen. Apart from the three aforementioned things, you should also note down this important detail, the serial number or IMEI on your iPhone. This important details should be noted down immediately you purchase the phone because they will be used by security officers to trace your phone in case it’s stolen.





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