If You Change These Four Things, you Will Become Rich



Wealth is not reserved for anyone, anybody can be rich. There are four things you should change so as to be rich. Several wealth and influential men who were interviewed said they changed the following things resulting to where there are today


Look at Bill Gates, he eats from a Company Restaurant. Look at the late Steve Jobs, he was driving a very cheap car and also lived in a cheap apartment. These are two great people who could afford anything money can buy in this world, but they chose to have a simple but modest lifestyle.

For you to be rich, you have to change your lifestyle. A cheap lifestyle will ensure you have more to save and to invest while expensive lifestyle will overstretch your bank account.


Friends play a major role in our lives. If you have stayed with a group of friends whose only work is to discuss people, alcohol and women, you should plan to change them. A good friend is one who comes with good idea, someone who can impact your life positively.

Rich people have few but reliable friends, while poor people have a million fake friends.

As you read this, please think of how to scrutinize your friends, regardless of how close you are.


Attitude is what has propelled anyone who has made it in life. Even if nothing is working for you, positive attitude is what you should develop. You can’t move in business without a positive attitude.

Setbacks are there in life, but what is needed from you is thinking of how impossible things can be possible. Simply say,”I will make it no matter what”.


Everything needs strategy. You can’t succeed without a well-executed plan.All you need in order to succeed in life is strategy. You know we have millions of competitors, and whoever comes with the best strategy wins. If you have a business venture and all along you have been making losses or constant profits, change your strategy.



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