Best Certificate Courses To Study in Kenya with KCSE Grade D- and E



You should be aware from today that no grade is useless, even a Grade E can make one successful. In Kenya, there are several certificate courses you can pursue if you scored grades D- and  E.These courses, though rare are good for people who would prefer self-employment to white collar jobs.

Certificate in Garment Making

Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics

Certificate in Masonry

Certificate in Plumbing

Certificate in Electrical Wire Man

Moto Vehicle Electrical Certificate

Solar T.V Installation Certificate

Certificate in carpentry and joinery (TEP)

Craft in Electrical (POWER OPTION)

Fashion Design & Garment Making

Certificate in Motorcycle Repair

All these certificates are marketable in Kenya.For instance,bodaboda industry is growing by the day,which makes it irresistible to have a course for people who would be interested in repairing motorcycles.

Plumbing and masonry are also areas which create thousands of jobs in the country. With a D-,you will comfortable pursue the courses and become self-employed.

If you are among students who scored D- and E,don’t lose hope, dust yourself off and start a journey towards building your life.



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