How to Get Pension/Retirement Benefits of a Relative Who Has died in Kenya



If you are a Kenyan, who has lost a relative, you can access their retirement benefits from NSSF.Little is known of this procedure, but today we are taking you through the process of getting their pension in easy steps.

NSSF benefit is paid to:The benefit is payable to the survivor(s)/dependant(s) relative(s) of a deceased member. The dependant relatives qualify for this benefit in the following order:

  • The husband/wife of the deceased member.
  • All children irrespective of age or gender (if the husband/wife of the deceased member is also deceased, or if the deceased member was a single parent).
  • The parents of the deceased (if the deceased member was not married and had no children)
  • Sisters/brothers of the deceased (if the deceased was single, had no children, and both parents are deceased)
  • The guardian to the children of the deceased member (where both the parents are deceased and all the deceased members’ children are minors)
  • An applicant who has letters of administration (where all dependants are exhausted)

How to apply:

  • Complete the Application for Survivor’s Benefit Form
  • Get your local administration (i.e., the administration in your home district) to endorse form SF/BN/SB/002A of your application
  • Submit the completed application form + the required documents (in person) to your nearest NSSF office

Required documents/ Standard processing requirements:

  • Deceased members’ original membership card
  • Photocopy of the deceased members National Identity Card
  • Original death certificate of the member and any beneficiary who is deceased
  • Certified copy of the marriage certificate or other evidence of marriage in case the deceased was married