Best and Worst Careers For Christians



If you are a Christian, there are careers you should undertake. Sincerely speaking, there are jobs categorized as worse and others most suitable for Christians. Being a Christian means you have decided to serve God but when your job dictates that you compromise your values, that becomes a hard task to take. Below we discuss careers regarded suitable for saved individuals and those not fit for a man of God.



When you join a medical profession, it means you have decided to save lives. Since this is a noble cause, Christians enjoy working as nurses/doctors

Humanitarian activities

Christians enjoy humanitarian activities because it demands that they save lives and help the needy. This is a perfect career for a Christian and one who would like to sacrifice their time in helping those who need urgent help.


Teachers are also included in the list of best careers for Christians. As a Christian, you will enjoy passing knowledge to those who need it more.

Human Rights Activist

Human rights activists sacrifice a lot. These people face threats, go through a lot of intimidation just because they decide to fight for other people’s rights. A Christian will find comfort in this profession.


Law is another ideal career for a Christian especially when you specialized on human rights and civil rights.


Being an audit requires you say the truth as per the duties of your job. A Christian in this profession excels simply because managers believe he is the right person to give the correct information.


Since an engineer is only required to interact with machines, this is a career most suitable for Christians.


Piloting is not only good for Christians but people who have the ability to work in an environment where tension is high and caution is required.

Psychology and Counseling

Psychology and counseling is ranked among the most preferred careers for Christians. This particular job requires one to feel the other person’s predicament and to offer the best advice possible.


If you are a Christian, you’ll find these jobs tough

Police officer

It’s hard to be a police officer. Imagine a situation where you are required to shoot a person and you know it’s against the 10 commandments.

Bar maid

How on earth do you even think of working in a bar, where people take beer!!!


Being an accountant sometimes requires you steal. It’s rare to find a genuine accountant. By the way, you might be genuine in your work but the boss demands you obey his orders.

Massage Therapist

You can’t be a Christian and at the same time work at a massage parlor.


It’s also hard to be a Christian and at the same time become a politician. These people (politicians) lie a lot and do a lot of sins behind our back.