Photo of Raila Relaxing After Being Discharged From Hospital



Raila Odinga was discharged this morning from Mombasa Hospital.

The NASA flag bearer had been admitted to the hospital for dehydration. He was treated, given a lot of water and discharged. Earlier, his close associates suspected food poisoning, but doctors confirmed otherwise.

At this hour,Raila is at his home with James Orengo and NASA co principals.

Meanwhile, here is a list of Raila’s medical team.
No. Of doctors on standby for Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga.
123 from USA.
119 from Communist China.
114 from Germany.
112 from Cuba.
105 from United Kingdom.
94 from Israel.
88 from France.
78 from the Russian Federation.
65 from the Africa Union.
63 from MENA.
47 from Kenya.
23 from Central Kenya.

Each team is assisted by nurses shipped in from South Korea, Japan, Comoros Islands, Ghana and Kakamega Teaching and Referral Hospital.
In addition, 13 witchdoctors from Ukambani, 48 lego Maria Bishops, and 21 sorcerers from Alego Karuoth and 9 from Tz are also on standby, just in case we need to go the totally African way…