How to Win a Kenyan Woman in 5 Minutes



Most men make it look hard to win a woman, but there are tricks to use if you want to win a Kenyan woman in 5 minutes, and even make her your wife the same day.

You have seen men like Prezzo,Joho, politicians and billionaire win prettiest women within seconds, and you wonder what kind of juju they use. In fact, I am cock sure these men don’t use juju, they employ these tactics.

  1. Show her a lot of money

Kenyan women, especially the beautiful ones, university students and media sirens love money. If you show a Kenyan woman millions of cash in your count, she will follow you like a bee.

  1. Buy her a car

If you believe you aren’t handsome enough to win a beautiful woman, show her a log book and a new car, she will take you even without looking at your ugly face.

  1. Start paying fees for her children

Another trick you can use is to take is educate her children. If you pay fees for one term, she will do anything you tell her. This is applicable to single mothers.

  1. Promise to set up business for her

If you want to win a business minded Kenyan lady, tell her you are ready to top up to what she already has. Give her some cash to keep as you plan to top up,aki atakupea everything.

  1. Buy her a lot of beer

Women who take beer are the easiest to win.Immediately she becomes drunk,she is submissive and vulnerable, anything you tell her ,she will respond,”yes”,”yes”,”yes”.

  1. Take her out to a different town

If you are in Nairobi, you can take her to a Nairobi or Kisumu, where it’s far from a familiar environment. Women are extremely vulnerable when in a foreign land, they believe the only savior is the person she knows better, of course you.

  1. Cheat her you will marry her

Hehehehe!!!!!Use this trick when you know she is desperate. You can even take her around to see shops where they sell wedding gowns and rings, just to psych her.

  1. Promise her a job

If she is a fresh graduate, desperate for a job, you can win her by offering her a job. Of course this is discouraged but it’s a willing buyer willing seller situation.