Best Place to Bleach your Skin in Nairobi



There are several places to bleach your skin in Nairobi, but here is the best clinic where you can get skin lightning at a cheaper cost.

Avané Clinic

Avane Clinic is a popular clinic in Parklands Nairobi. The facility offers excellent skin lightning services to both men and women. In addition, the following services are available at the clinic:

  1. Medical Dermatology
  2. Surgical Dermatology
  3. Skin Cancer Checks
  4. Laser Non Surgical Face Lift
  5. Laser Tattoo Removal
  6. Laser Varicose Vein Treatment
  7. Laser Treatment for Psoriasis, Vitiligo and Hypo Pigmentation
  8. Laser Treatment for Freckles
  9. Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks
  10. Laser Birthmark Removal
  11. Facial Contouring
  12. Chin / Cheek / Nose / Neck Reshaping
  13. Lip Enhancement
  14. Mesotherapy (fat dissolving injections)
  15. Laser Treatment for Wrinkles
  16. G-Shot
  17. Acne Treatments
  18. Skin Refining and Rejuvenation
  19. Body Contouring
  20. Medical Weight Loss Cure
  21. Laser Skin Tightening
  22. BOTOX® Cosmetic
  23. Skin Lightening
  24. HydraFacial®
  25. Coolsculpting®
  26. And more…

When you enter the facility, black as charcoal, you will leave walking neck high, yellow as a model.