Things Millionaires Don’t Do


Millionaires try as much as possible not to do some things since they know the implications. As they accumulate wealth, their lifestyle and spending habits change. Here we reveal the most common things millionaires and billionaires avoid most.

They avoid girlfriends

Millionaires are aware of the dangers of having many girlfriends. These people know that they are targets of the law, the society and women, they try all they can to avoid falling in love with women who add no value to their empire.

There are several divorce cases involving millionaires. These cases often favoured the women, which is the reason the modern millionaire is cautious when it comes to dealing with women.

They don’t wake up late

Millionaires and billionaires wake up ahead of everyone. Waking up early gives them ample time to prepare for a busy day. Bill Gates wakes up at 5 am, Bill Gates wakes up at 5 am, including many other billionaires.

It’s a norm for the less aggressive human beings to wake up late, normally past 8 am for a rich man, waking up late is equivalent to committing a crime.

They Avoid being generous

Rich men may be having loaded pockets but when it comes to dishing out the money, you won’t find them in the course. For one to be a millionaire, he has to spend less than he saves, a reason the rich are mean with their cash.

They never hang out with everyone

Millionaires understand the amount of jealousy the poor harbour.They leave in exclusive estates, shop at high end shopping malls and hang out with those in the same class. All these are precautionary measures to keep them aware from the ill-intentioned people.

They never buy what they don’t want

The uniting factor among the average population is spending on things they don’t use. Like jewelry, many expensive cars, designer clothes and food stuffs. Millionaire only buy what they deem necessary, thus directing the unutilized money into savings