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How to Know Raila Lost The 2017 Presidential Election



Without many words, Raila lost fairly and squarely to Uhuru. Here is how to know.

  1. Uhuru’s party scooped 12 parliamentary seats in Western Kenya
  2. Uhuru defeated Raila in Nyamira County, a former NASA stronghold
  3. Raila has no intentions of contesting the result at the Supreme Court
  4. Uhuru’s party dominates in the Senate and Parliament
  5. Raila’s supporters have accepted the results and move on.
  6. International observers have indicated the election was free, fair and credible
  7. Kalonzo,Mudavadi,Wetangula and Isaac Ruto have moved on, leaving Raila alone
  8. Raila’s explanation in regards to IEBC hacking dd not convince even his supporters
  9. He has not released results from his tallying center, he didn’t have a tallying centre after all.
  10. His family members have told him to concede
  11. Uhuru managed to penetrate Coast like never before
  12. Uhuru beat Raila in perceived swing counties
  13. It’s only Raila who is complaining…the media,observers,supporters and the international community are satisfied with the result