Please give Claudia Jematia a Job…. Jobless IT Guru in Kenya (photo)



Claudia Jematia, an IT guru, has paraded herself on the streets of Nairobi begging for a job.

Her placard, which was bearing amazing academic qualifications, attracted the attention of every passerby. In the placard, Claudia stated her qualifications, which include:

  • MSc Advanced Security & Digital Forensics (UK)
  • MSc Cyber Security (GCHQ Certified)
  • BSc Information Technology (JKUAT)

Claudia graduated several years ago from campus and since then she hasn’t been lucky to secure employment. She decided to carry a placard so as to attract the attention of potential employers.She explains that despite attending top universities, her efforts to convince employers through interviews have borne no fruits.

The IT professionals also indicated her phone numbers, which are:



She is appealing to whoever is emphatic enough to feel her pain and offer her a job. She is willing to start as an intern.