Why Supreme Court Likely to Rule in Favour of Uhuru tomorrow



Supreme Court of Kenya is expected to make a ruling tomorrow, Friday September 1, 2017 and in the ruling, Raila is expected to lose.

There are several reasons why the court is expected to lean towards Uhuru Kenyatta. One of the reasons is that NASA lawyers didn’t prove beyond doubt that IEBC rigged in favour of Uhuru -what was seen in the court were allegations and hearsay.

The second reason why Raila will lose is due to the fact that his lawyers did not prove that their client won the presidency. The lawyers, in many instances stated that they were not in court to prove who won but to show that IEBC rigged the election.This means they were sure Uhuru won.

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In addition, the reason why winds are blowing against Raila’s side is due to history. In Africa, there is no election court has ever nullified. If the Kenyan court will make a mistake of nullifying the election, it would be against the will of the people. It’s in public domain that Uhuru won by a 2 million margin, which means even if election was rigged, there are chances Uhuru could have still beaten Raila.

The last reason why court will be hesitant to nullify the election is due to the current parliament and senate composition. There is no way Raila could win the election when his party has the minority in both houses.