How to Avoid Being Jobless in Kenya


How to Avoid Being Jobless in Kenya

If you are currently jobless it’s because you aren’t doing enough to secure yourself a job. Being jobless can be emotionally draining. It can lead to depression and even thoughts of committing suicide, but there are ways to avoid being in this situation.

To be employed does not necessarily mean being in someone’s office as a worker. Being employed means you have something that makes you wake up each day to earn a leaving. It’s regrettable that most degree holders in Kenya prefer white collar jobs to self-employment. Most of them strongly believe that without a white collar job they aren’t successful in life. But truth is, it doesn’t matter what you do to earn a leaving as long as you can afford basic needs with what you do.

If you are currently jobless, here are basic needs of surviving in Kenya

Start promoting your skills online

If you are a degree holder you can sell your skills online and earn a living. The best way to sell your skills is to share in various Facebook forums, Twitter, LinkedIn and through a blog. The skills you can easily sell include Data Analysis, CV writing and electrical installation.

Sell products online

The second way to avoid being jobless and desperate is to sell products online. You can sell women handbags, smartphones or any other product on demand. The good thing is that you don’t need a shop to sell these products, you can approach Jumia or Kilimall and have your products listed on their products (you can contact Jumia and Kilimall through these links,Jumia link, Kilimall link)

Another easy way to avoid being jobless is by supplementing your degree/diploma with online short courses

Nowadays a degree without professional course may take you nowhere. It’s advisable to supplement your campus knowledge with a professional course or short courses offered online.

I always advise fresh graduates to consider doing short courses like project management, monitoring & evaluation, Microsoft Excel &Word and other IT related courses. These courses will greatly boost your CV ,hence translating to job opportunities. The good thing is,you will spend less than Ksh 5,000 to secure a certificate from a prestigious university. Once you have the certificate, you can show it alongside your degree during job interview. For your information, that professional certificate may be the only reason why someone will employ you.

I can recommend Coursera and Udemy for online courses (here are the links, Coursera link , Udemy link)

Strategically position yourself

Another way of avoiding being jobless is to strategically position yourself. By this I mean living in areas where there are plenty of job opportunities.

In Kenya, towns with plenty of job opportunities include, Nairobi, Mombasa and Thika.

Start a profitable small business

Every single business in Kenya is profitable but how you conduct it is what matters. There are plenty of small businesses you can do that will make you forget about white collar jobs. What is more exciting about such businesses is that operational costs are low but profits are high. The first step is to identify a profitable business, then look for capital, which is less than Ksh 100,000.

Earlier we had listed more than 20 profitable businesses to do in Kenya,here is a link to our previous article

Professional CV

In most interviews what fails interviewees is the design of their CVs.A professional CV is extremely important.If your CV is not up to the standards needed by your potential employer,there are chances you won’t be called for interview.So,your first step to getting your dream job is to have a professional CV(you can contact corporate staffing or fixus for CV writing services,0722927138).


Finally,for you to secure employment as quick as possible,you have to have connections.During job searching process make sure you develop friendship with as many people as possible and remember to tell them about your plight.

It’s unfortunate that most job seekers apply for jobs they see on paper,forgetting that several others have applied for the same vacancies.To get a job through this route is almost impossible.