TCL and Hisense TV in Kenya



TCL and Hisense flat screen TVs are among the most popular brands in Kenya. Though those who have used the brands have excellent review for the same, few Kenyans know the quality of these two television brands.

First I was introduced to Hisense TV,I actually bought one from Jumia last year at Ksh 24,000,it was a 32 inch digital flat screen.Before,I knew Sony,LG and Samsung were the only brands with the best features only to be surprised by the performance of Hisense TV.

TCL is also another TV I have used. To be honest, there is no need of spending Ksh 35,000 to buy 32 inch Sony TV when you can save Ksh 12,000 after buying TCL.What surprises me is that TCL 32 inch smart TV costs less than 27,000 while the same size of Sony brand goes for more than Ksh 35,000.If you compare the performance you will be shocked to find out that TCL even outperforms Sony.

What is the best TV size to buy in Kenya?

I would advise you go for a 32 inch TCL or Hisense TV. This is the most ideal size for a large family and whoever wants value for money.

As you go for shopping don’t forget that digital TV is better than analogue, which means analogue is not one of the choices you will make.

If you want to buy a quality cheap Hisense or TCL TV, you can visit Luthuli Avenue or buy from Jumia.Click here to see how much Jumia sells the two brands.