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Sponsored Articles vs Banners


Sponsored Articles vs Banners

Over the past few days I have been arguing with some of the most respected bloggers over the usefulness of sponsored articles. We argues until we arrived a conclusion, that sponsored articles are more useful compared to advertisement banners. Based on our conversation, I would like to share my own experience which I believe will be more useful to those planning to advertise their products online.

If you are keen enough, I know you have noticed there is something called Ad Blocker, which almost every reader is using nowadays. This App has affected bloggers to the extent of some quitting this career to a lesser challenging one. Ad blocker came into being due to millions of complaints from readers, who were of the opinion that advertisements, especially banners, were interruptive and a nuisance. Due to these complaints, Opera Mini and other software companies introduced Ad blocker, which was readily embraced by millions of readers worldwide. The effect of Ad blocker has been heavily felt by people who rely on AdSense and contextual advertisements for revenues. But the good thing is that few bloggers changed tactic and are now advising on the use of sponsored articled instead of banners—I am one of them.

One of the advantages you will enjoy when you contract popular blogs to post sponsored articles about your products is that the articles will remain permanent in those blogs, meaning someone will seek information about your products 10 years from now, he will certainly bump into the article. The downside of banners is, when it’s removed from a website, people will no longer get information about your products.

I am usually honest to my readers who inquire to advertise on this blog. When reaching out for advertisement space, I always emphasize on sponsored articles, why? Sponsored articles are not only cheap but also SEO friendly. Almost every sponsored article contain links and whenever a reader clicks on the links, your products get SEO boost, thus visible to millions of people interested on your products online. From our experience, readers are 70 % more likely to click on the links than banners; this is because most of them have developed Ad blindness-majority of them naturally hate Ads. A number of them believe that those links provided on the articles are not adverts, which is the reason they are quick to click them.

The beauty of sponsored articles is that they aren’t affected by Ad blockers since they are like any other normal articles. Due to this fact, 100% of the readers are able to view the articles.

Today, if you are planning to advertise, I would advise you to consider sponsored posts, they will give you amazing results.

Most companies are doing away with advertisement banners and are readily embracing sponsored articles. To avoid being left out, you should consider taking a cue.

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