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The Best Tool To Use for My Blog to Get Email subscribers



Email subscribers form part of ingredients you need to succeed in blogging.ConvertKit is the best tool to use if you want as many email subscribers as possible.

Blogging is not easy, you can bear me witness that growing a blog to become viral is not an easy task, many have tried but failed. In this journey, you must have two or three things to boost your traffic and SEO ranking.ConvertKit is one tool that every popular blogger uses, including me.This tool helps whoever wants to receive your articles through email to receive them as soon as you post them.

The good thing about ConvertKit is that you will lock most of your readers, thus retaining the most loyal visitors of your traffic and ensuring your competitors do not convince them out. The tool will also boost your SEO ranking as the number of readers surge.

The tool is also important for people with e-commerce business, education websites and other businesses that require email subscription. Once you have it, you will be able to inform the subscribers about your new products, thus increasing sales.

How much does it cost?

ConvertKit costs $29 to $79 for websites that need 0-5,000 email subscriptions. If your website is big and requires more than 5,000 subscribers, you can talk with the company to set up your plan.

How to sign up

To sign up, you simply visit the site and follow a simple procedure, which takes less than 3 minutes. Here is the website link (Sign up)

If you have a blog you want to grow, email subscription is important..it will help you a great deal.