HP Core i5 Laptop Prices in Kenya


HP Core i5 is the most popular laptop from the HP Company in Kenya. The laptop comes in different features and prices.

The reason why I have specifically picked on this laptop is to help those who have budgeted for a quality and elegant laptop. Those who are ready to spend Ksh45, 000-Ksh59,000 on the best quality laptop.

I know most of you may not afford a Ksh 200,000 apple laptop, that’s why you have scaled down your budget .As a norm, you have to go online to check on reviews for various laptops-that’s also what I also do. In order to help you make the best decision, I also ensure I have physically seen a product before I do my reviews, I also ensure I have sought the opinion of those in possession of the products.Today,the product in line is HP Core i5.

In simple terms,HP Core i5 laptops come in 500gb,1TB and 2TB.Almost all the laptops in this category have 4GB and 6GB RAM.Now,if you are planning to buy HP laptop that has  i5 processor, pick one with storage capacity of 1 or 2 TB,don’t pick one with 500GB TB because that is too small…you won’t store enough data in it especially if you have a lot of videos, data and images. You also need to pick one with 8GB RAM.I will also advise you to go for Probook HP laptop—I currently own this laptop and I like its look and execution speed.

The price of HP Core i5 ranges between Ksh 55,000 and Ksh 65,000.The 2TB laptop is more expensive than one with 1TB.If you aren’t a programmer or DJ,you better purchase a one TB laptop.

You can buy the laptop at Jumia at a discount (here is a link)