Nairobi Residents Urge Sonko To Chase Hawkers from City Centre


Thousands of people living in Nairobi have urged Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko to chase hawkers from Nairobi Central Business District.

The residents complain that the hawkers have made Nairobi look like a small village in the most undeveloped nation. They add that the hawkers have not left even space for pedestrians to pass.

“We are tired of the hawkers in Nairobi CBD,we humbly request the Governor to look for a space for them. The town looks dirtier than Kidero left it and if this situation continues, Nairobi won’t be a city anymore”, a resident complained.

Recently,Sonko allowed hawkers to move to the CBD  from 2pm to any time they wish to leave. His order resulted to influx of hawkers to the Central Business District. Today, hawkers are littered everywhere.

A photo taken at Nairobi Archives looks like this: