This is What Killed Francis Nyenze

This is What Killed Francis Nyenze


Francis Nyenze is now dead, but what killed him?

Records in various hospitals show that the former Kitui West MP has been suffering from Colon Cancer.Nyenze was diagnosed with the disease a decade ago and has been using oxygen tank.

During election campaigns, the former MP was seen struggling to breath-he collapsed and was admitted to Nairobi Hospital. Ever since, he has been in and out of hospital.

Nyenze was diagnosed with Pneumonia earlier this week. By yesterday, he was in critical condition and most of his family members were waiting for the worst. Today he gave up the ghost.

The former legislature has been a fierce critic of Kalonzo Musyoka.He condemned the manner in which Raila outmaneuvered Kalonzo to take the NASA presidential ticket.

During one of his many press conferences,Nyenze said this:

“If Hon.Kalonzo Musyoka won’t be NASA flag bearer then NASA will be (Nyanza supper Alliance…

” UhuRuto are doing well with NYS in Kitui West constituency,i think we should work with the Government… David Musila should also be respected ata kama anapinga Kalonzo Hivyo…”

Ever since he addressed the media about four months ago, few Kenyans knew his whereabouts. His body is now at Lee Funeral Home…he will be buried soon.