This is what Mount Kenya Will do to William Ruto in 2022

This is what Mount Kenya Will do to William Ruto in 2022


It seems Baringo Senator Gideon Moi may succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta anyway, going by the recent utterances by the Mount Kenya Mafia. According to various utterances from the horses’ mouth,Ruto has no chance at all. Here is what they said.

  1. Gideon Moi in Kabartonjo:

“We are done with 2017. It is time to face off one William Samoei Ruto in one of the most fierce political duel in the history of this country. Let him continue moving around saying that our votes are in his pocket. What is coming ahead here will surprise even my dad, the Senior Moi and professor of politics. Apana cheza.

  1. William Kabogo on Inooro TV:

“Do you think you will force us to vote for you in 2022? We are not political wheelbarrows in this country to be pushed left right and center by a thief. We are all here to see, keep your eyes open.”

  1. Alfred Keter in Nandi Hills:

“We know why we were de-whipped by Jubilee from the committees. It is simply because of my support for Gideon Moi and my victory over William Ruto’s stooge for Nandi Hills MP, one Mr. Talam. We shall stand for the truth and let it sink into your mind that Gideon is our next man.”

  1. Martha Karua on NTV:

“Continue being cheated that you have our support in 2022. Mt. Kenya does not lack leaders so that we elect people who have looted this country to the core. I will personally not support Ruto in 2022 and something good is cooking.”

  1. Alex Muthoni on Facebook:

There is no way one man can rule us for twenty years by becoming a deputy president for ten years and eying the presidency for ten years. We are not short of leaders to be led by land grabbers and thieves.”

  1. Mwangi Kiunjuri in Laikipia:

“Wakati wa siasa umekwisha, turudi kazini sasa. Mambo ya 2022 hatutaki kuskia. Hio maneno tutanyorosha na watu kama sisi pia tuko hapa. Tutabambana tu na hao watu. Si ni hivyo wenzangu? Niugwo?

  1. Peter Mwangi on Facebook:

“We owe no one anything in 2022. Our votes are not your rights. 2017 is gone and that is how the thief from Sugoi is also gone. It is time to groom one of our own to take up the mantle from Kamwana.”