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Best Free Email Marketing Tool to Increase Sales—GetResponse

Best Free Email Marketing Tool to Increase Sales---GetResponse


If you own an e-commerce site,you definitely need to send your customers emails to inform them about your new products. This can be done summarily by GetRepsonse,an email marketing tool that has seen businesses growing massively by adopting email marketing strategy.

We know that Facebook isn’t delivering results we all want. We also understand it’s hard to market regularly through banners and sponsored content. The only cost effective marketing strategy we have at our disposal is email marketing.GetRepsonse has now filled the gap and allows as many email subscriptions as possible. There is a free trial which you sign up through this link and start collecting emails for your customers.

What you will find interesting about GetRepsonse is that it allows you to collect as many emails as you wish. Then be able to update your customers through regular information on your current and upcoming products.In your website,GetResponse will ask your readers to enter their email addresses, contacts and names.Once they have done so,the details will be archived. The moment you write and send a single mail,it will be delivered to all those whose details are archived.This way,you will find it easy to sell your products to a wide audience.

GetResponse is also important if you own a school or any institution dealing with a population. For instance, you will let students subscribe through GetResponse such that during important occasions, you will deliver information through a single email.If you are in government, for example helb and NHIF,there is no need of communicating through TV or banners which are very expensive. What you need is to sign up to GetResponse, then tell members to subscribe so as to receive regular updates. This also applies to SACCOs,KNUT, and Banks.