Worst Courses to do in Kenyan Universities

Worst Courses to do in Kenyan Universities


After Matiangi became strict on cheating practice, few students managed to score university admission grades, leaving the rest to join middle level colleges. As a result, several courses became redundant. As at today, more than 40 degree courses are not getting students and  are soon going to be abolished from universities. The courses are classified as worst because only a handful students are forced to pursue them.

Universities have tried to advertise the courses but students don’t feel them. If you visit every university offering the courses, you’ll realize that not a single student is doing any of them  and the reason for this is that they aren’t marketable.

If you’re planning to study in a Kenyan university, don’t enroll for these courses

  1. Bachelor of Applied Biology
  2. Bachelor of Fisheries
  3. Bachelor of Sports Management
  4. c Horticulture
  5. Bachelor of Arts
  6. Bachelor of Science
  7. Bachelor of Soil Science
  8. Bachelor of Chemistry
  9. Bachelor of Physics
  10. Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
  11. Bachelor of Social Work
  12. Bachelor of Earth Science

If you’re one pursuing any of these courses, you better start doing a professional course so as to avoid rotting at home after graduation. The courses are not marketable and almost every student is avoiding them; employers too are not willing to employ these graduates.